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Importance of Relationships in Healing Trauma with Eric Nachtigal Resilient Schools 37 Episode 37

Importance of Relationships in Healing Trauma with Eric Nachtigal Resilient Schools 37

· 42:13

  • Kids will work for people that they like.
  • Brain research - brain structure is changed when it goes through toxic trauma or traumatic events
  • Positive experiences and positive relationships rewire the brain. 
  • Favorite R word is relationships
  • Relationships leads to resilience
  • We want kids to be successful people in the world.
  • Building resilience relationship - authentic, genuine, accountability
  • Building such a strong relationship with him that you can build strong relationships.
  • Filling your bucket and 
  • Unconditional positive regard - 
  • If you make a mistake and you let them down, you apologize
  • Relationships do not build resilience by doing the big things
  • People have these big brick walls. 
  • We have a hard time trusting
  • We need to take out one brick at a time. 
  • Safety, belonging, and dignity
  • Relationships are complex
  • Endure through the difficult part of the complex. 
  • In Public education, we have to approach things differently. 
  • Know your setting
  • Avoid oversharing by making it about them, not bringing the attention to you. 
  • Appropriately vulnerable - Lean towards vulnerability to build trust and the relationship. 
  • Mad, sad, glad, and afraid.
  • Leaving space for people having control over their life. 
  • It’s ok to make mistakes. 

About Eric Nachtigal
Eric is a Trauma-informed Behavior Intervention Specialist who has extensive experience addressing students’ social emotional and behavioral needs while promoting healthy emotional and academic development. He has been in the field of education for almost three decades and is celebrated as being team-oriented, and an excellent communicator with parents, students, and colleagues. Eric always strives to do what is best for students and educators. Eric has an array of skills & tools that he has honed along his journey from time spent as a classroom teacher, a school counselor, administrator, to Behavioral Social Emotional Student Support Specialist for the past half-decade.
This broad scope of experience has provided him with an abundant toolbox to support staff in building resilience with students while implementing trauma-informed individual behavior plans. He is able to support educators as they begin to do the work that increases student engagement, reduces disruptive behaviors, and addresses student crisis interventions. As a result, both students and staff will begin to experience a positive culture and true team building.

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