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Bridging to Resilience with Katie Perez Resilient Schools 36 Episode 36

Bridging to Resilience with Katie Perez Resilient Schools 36

· 34:44

  • Problems of Practice 
  • Structure where people are able to get multiple feedback sessions. 
  • The smartest person in the room is the room. 
  • Thinking about the individual student we serve and how it’s working for that specific student. 
  • The problem we are having within the confines of that practice we are trying to implement.
  • Put your problem in the pot
  • Break into small groups, then the “hot seat” gets feedback on the problem. 
  • Questioning - clarifying questions to 
  • The asker sits back and listens
  • Brainstorm ideas and possible solutions
  • Asker then makes an action plan. 
  • Anybody who is at bridging able to submit things they want to 
  • Curate a network at Bridging to Resilience
  • Looking at bridging for opportunities to create this relationship
  • Returning attendees bring new people into the fold. 
  • Putting up the umbrella during a brainstorm session.
  • Purpose is not to defend or make decisions. 
  • Used to looking to outside resources for our ideas. 
  • Validate that this room here has knowledge and ability to make things happen. 
  • Yes And game and 10% true. 
  • Remove the word but
  • If you did know, what would you say? 
  • The need for unlearning for adults in schools. 
  • Role of consultant vs. someone in the school. 
  • Equipping resilience coaches. 
  • Joyce and Showers - professional learning
  • The power of supporting others through repeated interactions after development. 

About Katie Perez
Katie Perez does a lot at ESSDACK, Project-Based Learning, Trauma/Resilience, School Redesign, Four Disciplines of Execution, Elementary Generalist, Keynoter, Facilitator, Coach, and Mentor. A large part of Katie’s work at ESSDACK focuses on supporting educators as they become trauma-informed. Katie has been researching and speaking about the science of hope since 2007. She says, “Hope guides me in all endeavors. In both my professional and personal life, I see opportunities to share and spread hope with others so that they too may develop pathways to see great possibilities in their lives. I believe in the power of engaged educators to build significant relationships with young people to encourage, inspire, and build great lives.” This work has led to a partnership with Jim Sporleder to build a curriculum guide to support school faculties in their journey to becoming trauma-informed. 

Katie’s true passion in education is in helping teachers reignite their own passion for teaching and learning. As a facilitator and coach, Katie customizes professional learning to target the specific goals and needs of each educator or audience. She believes that the key to unlocking the full potential in our education system relies on the hope, well-being, and engagement of our educators and students.

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