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Bridging to Resilience Conference with Ginger Lewman Resilient Schools 35 Episode 35

Bridging to Resilience Conference with Ginger Lewman Resilient Schools 35

· 30:20

  • Self-care is a lie!
  • 85% of every group said they didn’t make a doctor’s appointment that they knew they should make. 
  • We are hard-wired to put others first
  • Regularity and intentionality
  • How do we systemically make sure everyone is taken care of
  • We’ve been brought up to serve one another. 
  • If we care about each other, we will take care of each other. 
  • The science of is resilience: it’s the ability to bounce back. 
  • In the presence of another safe-supporting adult. 
  • We become that way because there is a safe supporting adult there saying you can make it. 
  • Resilience is the ability to adapt and overcome challenges with a supportive adult. 
  • Self-soothe vs co-care
  • Sedation is ignoring our challenges - numbing strategies or not feeling a feeling. 
  • Feelings can hurt, and we often do things to avoid it. 
  • River of cruelty. 
  • How we can help people who are avoiding feeling their feelings? 
  • Quick Check-in: Mad sad, glad, or afraid? 
  • Normalize having emotions. 
  • It’s oK that you have feelings. 
  • Body Doubling - needing to have someone there. 
  • Judgment and blame come from within someone else. 
  • What does it mean to be a safe supporting adult? 
  • We bring together the believers. This is not just a school, healthcare, or education problem. 
  • Nothing about us without us! 
  • We bring parents, educators, healthcare and so many more together. 
  • Kids are invited away from our systems. 
About Ginger Lewman

Ginger is a national consultant & keynote speaker with ESSDACK, a non-profit education service center based in Hutchinson Kansas. She inspires and helps all levels of educators figure out the ins and outs of teaching and learning. Some of her specialty topics include redesigning schools & learning environments.

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Our podcast interview is scheduled for 01:45 pm - Monday, September 11, 2023, in the America/Chicago time zone. And the link for our meeting is: https://sqdc.st/studio/PHtG 

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