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Bridging to Resilience with Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz Resilient Schools 33 Episode 33

Bridging to Resilience with Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz Resilient Schools 33

· 33:25

  • Best practice - People who are experiencing the issue are part of the conversation.
  • We think the root cause of a problem is 
  • People should be invited to the table not just as contributors but also as solution providers. 
  • What barriers are people bumping up against? 
  • FQHC - Federally Qualified Health Clinic. 
  • Teacher retention, how about we asked 
  • Bridging to Resilience is one of the most meaningful activities we can be involved in. 
  • Trauma doesn’t live in a certain neighborhood. 
  • Poverty is something that a group of people experience in a group. 
  • Poverty does mean toxic stress
  • Inviting parents in poverty to be part of the stage and panels
  • Parent panels leave a lasting impact. 
  • Learning centers that help kids who are not successful in typical schools. 
  • What it’s like to be in a resilience-based school. 
  • People of resilience - human library. 
  • How do you make it so people don’t judge others. 
  • People’s stories and authenticity cause and judgment just drops. 
  • Shame or guilt because participants didn’t know. 
  • We just want to be seen, hear, and valued. 
  • Real stories from real moms and dads and students. 
  • Isolating being in poverty or dealing with children that are atypical. 
  • Judgment is really fear
  • Made strides in talking about race in our country, but we don’t like to talk much about class. 
  • We don’t realize how truly segregated we are by class. 
  • People don’t understand that the way they were raised is cultural. 
  • Things that make you uncomfortable 
  • Ruby Payne Framework for Understanding Generational Poverty
  • In my culture that makes sense, in other cultures that looks asinine. 
  • Poverty conditions you. 
  • It comes from a place of love, but often a place of misunderstanding. 
  • Get to know your parents on a human level. 
  • Bridging to Resilience isn’t just another conference. It’s a revival!
  • Register here - Come and get some love. 

About Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz

Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz works with both communities and schools across the US to truly solve poverty and heal trauma. She does this by helping brilliant and caring leaders create sustainable ecosystems of resilience through building better relationships. Check out her previous interview on Resilient Schools here

Rebecca fought her way out of poverty and the trailer park in 2011 with three young sons. A local poverty resolution project found Rebecca and activated her journey. She later went to work for that non-profit and then went on to build multiple projects like it to help more families. In 2015 She started working with public education and ignited a trauma-informed schools movement in her state and beyond.

Rebecca experienced a lifetime of trauma and poverty and through access to buffering relationships she healed from both and continues to light the path for others.

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