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Building Resilient Students with JC Pohl Resilient Schools 32 Episode 32

Building Resilient Students with JC Pohl Resilient Schools 32

· 27:10

JC Pohl is the co-founder and CEO of TeenTruth.net
  • Resilience is about taking the hits and moving forward.
  • Hear about bad things with kids.
  • Bouncing back.
  • It was really in the hard times in our life that we grew.
  • 5 keys to mental health.
  • Why is it harder for teenagers?
  • This is developmentally appropriate.
  • To them it really does feel like it is the end of the world.
  • Charismatic Adults - A developmental structure to support them.
  • They need a touchpoint when they need it.
  • All adults around out children have the ability to speak into their lives.
  • Dr. Robert Brooks - charismatic adult is the single most important influence.
  • Anybody can do this.
  • Some people aren’t invited.
  • Connect with students where they are.
  • Kids form common bonds.
  • Get free chapters: teentruth.net/resilientstudents Discount code relationships to get a discount on the book.
  • How to be a transformative principal? Be vulnerable about a challenge you’re dealing with.

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