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Behavior as a Lagging Skill with Matthew Portell Resilient Schools 26 Episode 26

Behavior as a Lagging Skill with Matthew Portell Resilient Schools 26

· 34:47

Matthew is a principal in Nashville, He was recently selected by FranklinCovey Education as a Leader in Me Community Champion in recognition of his outstanding work Trauma Informed Educators Network Facebook group

“I’m an activator,” he says. “In education, everyone is waiting for someone else to do something different, but if something is inequitable, I’m not going to wait―I’m going to disrupt.”
  • Impact of social justice and trauma informed practices
  • Trauma as a whole, but not as an event.
  • Intergenerational transmission of trauma.
  • Impact of racial trauma over time and day to day.
  • ACES and Trauma.
  • Understanding implicit bias
  • If we’re not cognizant of it, it can wreak havoc on our impact as an educator.
  • How do we navigate our roles as educator’s knowing that we possess bias?
  • Why do we have clip charts in elementary schools?
  • Unapologetic disruptor
  • Our schools are designed to reflect the majority of our culture
  • Behavior is a lagging skill instead of a personal choice.
  • Change the school to meet the needs of our kids.
  • When we put norms on kids.
  • Look at kids as though they are doing the best they can!
  • Many people have experienced trauma.
  • Focused on the strengths of what kids come with.
  • We’ve learned that clip charts in the classroom
  • When public shaming becomes a norm in the school it can have major damage.
  • Every kid is a genius.
  • You’re being sent home because…
  • How to have the conversation with adults.
  • Teachers just like kids are doing the best they could.
  • De-escalating kids.
  • An escalated adult cannot deescalate an escalated child.
  • Tap in and tap out strategy.
  • Happy teacher revolution.
  • You’re done.
  • I can’t handle that weight. It’s too much.
  • How to be a transformative principal? Activator - don’t wait for someone else to do it or try it. If it doesn’t work, it’s ok.

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