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Unpacking Trauma and Restorative Practices in Education with Joshua Stamper Episode 46

Unpacking Trauma and Restorative Practices in Education with Joshua Stamper

· 33:13

In this episode, Jethro Jones is joined by Joshua Stamper, the Director of Innovation for the Teach Better Team. This conversation focuses on restorative practices in schools, aiming to correct common misunderstandings. 

Stamper, leveraging his experiences as a former administrator and coach, emphasizes that restorative practices are not about leniency or avoiding consequences but rather about teaching behavior and establishing supportive environments for trauma-impacted students. 

He shares insights into implementing restorative practices effectively, such as the importance of building relationships, understanding the language of behavior, and addressing incidents with care and consideration for individual circumstances. 

Stamper also discusses proactive strategies like relationship plans and check-ins to support students better. The conversation highlights that while restorative practices require time and effort, they can lead to more meaningful changes in behavior compared to traditional punitive methods.

02:00 Understanding Restorative Practices in Education
02:23 Dispelling Misconceptions about Restorative Practices
05:15 Real-life Example of Restorative Practices
10:02 The Importance of Building Relationships
23:01 Addressing the Time Factor in Restorative Practices
25:56 Understanding the Language of Behavior

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