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Addressing Mental Health and Learning Globally with Evin Schwartz Resilient Schools 23 Episode 23

Addressing Mental Health and Learning Globally with Evin Schwartz Resilient Schools 23

· 36:58

Evin is the CEO and Founder of Belouga, a social learning platform making education impactful, accessible and equitable for the youth of the world through interactive digital content, aimed at providing a global perspective while aligning to everyday school subject areas and student interests. He has 17+ years of overseeing businesses focused on education, social impact and innovation within the Gen-Y and Gen-Z demographic. Evin has created and implemented educational programs and cross-cultural initiatives in all 50 states in the US at the K–12 and university levels, along with consultancy work on six continents. In 2019, he was recognized as one of the Meaningful Business 100, an award honoring global leaders who are introducing new ways of thinking and acting to address the world’s biggest challenges: climate change, pollution, hunger, poverty, education, and health.

In this episode, we discuss #Samehere Schools Month and other things about taking care of ourselves. 
  • Samehere Schools
  • What comes next?
  • SEL has been a nice term, but mental health has been around forever.
  • How we keep mental health from being a flavor of the week
  • Looking at standards, nobody knows how to assess this.
  • It’s not the teacher’s or principal’s assignment, it’s society’s.
  • None of that stuff matters without mental health.
  • The power of connection
  • The programming side of this - how do we personalize this in communities
  • Everybody’s experiencing completely different
  • Schools are over-resourced right now.
  • How are they aware of these programs? Making programs more accessible to others.
  • Belouga is a global organization that believes that people should learn about the world with the world!
  • Creating learning communities
  • Mentorship and connections - how to get that out to the masses.
  • Global networks and able to travel the world.
  • Our kids are consuming at a rapid pace.
  • social learning - how do you make it global and how do you make it
  • It’s ok to disagree!
  • Innovation within education (i.e. what does the future hold for the industry)
  • The importance of mental health and wellness within the industry
  • Creating a thriving learning ecosystem through passion/interest-driven learning
  • We’re not doing any justice by thinking that learning happens within the four walls of a classroom.
  • Bring fun and excitement back to learning.
  • Equality, Impact, Access
  • belouga.org - Learn about the world with the world, aligned to standards - 100% free to register.

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