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Taking Care of the Adults with Dr. Gastrid Harrigan Resilient Schools 20 Episode 20

Taking Care of the Adults with Dr. Gastrid Harrigan Resilient Schools 20

· 26:30

Dr. Gastrid Harrigan has been an educator for over 19 years as a mathematics teacher, Assistant Principal, and currently as Secondary Principal. In addition, Dr. Harrigan is a Professor of Education at Broward College and Colorado State University Global. He specializes in supporting teachers and school leaders to build trusting relationships with students and improving the culture and climate of schools to optimize staff and students experience. He has extensive experience leading and instructing educators at all levels and has been recognized for his expertise, innovative leadership, student engagement, and academic achievement strategies. He frequently speaks at national conferences on leadership, curriculum, school culture and climate, social-emotional learning, and trauma-informed practices. 

He is also the host of The School Leader’s Podcast. The podcast provides bite-size tips, ideas, and PD for emerging and current school leaders.  

In 2021, he was named Principal of the Year by Learning for Success, Inc. and nominated for the Principal of the Year in 2023 in Broward County Public Schools, FL.  

  • Adult side of trauma
  • What are the challenges that teachers and staff face now?
  • If we don’t feed the teachers, they’re going to eat the kids. 
  • Take a moment - OOSA
  • Morning meetings and staff meetings start with a mindfulness moment.
  • It’s ok for the principal to lead these mindful moments.
  • Been in the journey for 6 years.
  • Started looking at ACES (adverse childhood experiences study) and saw that many of our adults had high ACE scores.
  • Bringing in community partners
  • Striving to meet their needs, regardless of what they are struggling with.
  • The staff felt the kids have issues, it’s not me.
  • The child triggered the adults’ traumatic experiences.
  • Trained everyone to be trauma-informed.
  • Self-aware of our own triggers to know how we are going to respond.
  • Hurt people hurt people.
  • Whatever helps the person center is worthwhile.
  • Teams have their own mindfulness moment
  • Not prescribing how it’s done, but that it’s done.
  • Additional benefits to making people be mindful.
  • Receiving grants - teams are getting together and finding ways to make more of this possible.
  • Zen spot - one for adults and one for kids.
  • We need to make it safe for people to center themselves.
  • How to connect @drgharrigan. www.drgharrigan.com

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